Mobile Fleet Maintenance and Services

Mobile fleet Maintenance and Servicing is very important in running your fleet efficiently without any hurdles. We at Motronic automotive service understand the importance of the mobile fleet maintenance and servicing provide the best services in Melbourne. We are very famous as the best Mobile fleet maintenance company in Melbourne.

As a fleet owner, you need to maintain the fleet in a good condition as it is the heart and soul of your business. If even one vehicle in your fleet fails, then the whole operation will crash down leading to heavy loss in the business. So Motronic automotive services are at your service to provide a scheduled maintenance and servicing of your fleet and make you stay operational and profitable now and in the future.

Our Fleet Maintenance Services

At Motronic Automotive Services, we strive hard to provide the best services for the maintenance of your fleet. Our services include:

  • Mobile mechanic service (for in-the-field repairs)
  • Mobile oil change service
  • Body repair major/minor collision.
  • Electrical service
  • 60 Point Diagnostics for any repairs/maintenance: (Free)
  • 24 hr Towing Services
  • Nationwide Transport
  • Lock and key service
  • Sunday service

Trained Mobile Technicians
We have a team of experienced and well trained mobile technicians, who strive hard to provide the best services and make your fleet run successfully on the Melbourne roads. The services they provide include:

  • Lubricate all parts requiring grease, including 5th wheel if applicable.
  • Inspect air filter, radiator, hoses, fan belts, brake fluid, power steering fluid, windshield wiper fluid, battery fluid, transmission fluid, drive shaft and U-joints, exhaust system, rear accessible brake linings, oil level in wheel oilers, mirrors and glass, steering wheel, oil/fuel/water leaks, dash instruments, exterior appearance, exterior lights, and vehicle state registration.
  • Change oil and oil filters on gasoline engines, as well as fuel filters on diesel engines.
  • Check horn operation, clutch-free travel operation, and fluids.
  • Perform Diesel engine water treatment

Key Benefits with our Services

  • Our maintenance team will contact you and remind you about the servicing of your car.
  • We provide ongoing support while the servicing is going on
  • We make sure to keep your vehicle on the road as soon as possible and minimize the disruption
  • Our team of service technicians is highly experienced and leaves you with a peace of mind, assuring that your car is in the safe hands. We also make sure to follow the instructions specified in the car manufacturer’s manual.
  • We also stock all the major brand tyres at our shop
  • All the spare parts and accessories available in our shop are the best in quality and affordable in price.
  • We keep in regular touch with the fleet managers and give them regular updates about the car servicing through e-mails and mobile SMS.
  • We are famous for our mobile servicing facility. Using this we will come to you and service your vehicles.
  • We ensure the best possible care and high quality and fast service at affordable prices and extensive warranties.

Why Us?

At Motronic Automotive, we have a team of experienced mechanics and technicians who understand the importance of the fleet and make sure to provide a reliable service at affordable prices in Melbourne. We have a vast workshop which is equipped with the latest and cutting edge tools which help us to provide a faster and better service for your fleet.

We are also famous for our Mobile fleet maintenance Company in Melbourne. Our team will come to you and provide the onsite maintenance and repair services with the help of towing trucks or other vans, which are equipped with the tools required for servicing or repairs. We also provide the emergency roadside assistance in Melbourne.

Call us or Visit our workshop to enjoy the quality services at the most affordable prices.